Sports And Fitness Gallery

The all new “Sports and Fitness” gallery consist of permanent, colourful, beautiful exhibits. Special advanced media, artistic design & other innovative technology has been used to illustrate how science, technology and engineering can maximize sporting ability.

Wonder World of Materials

Wonder World of Materials” is newly opened gallery at Regional Science City, Lucknow in which one can get information about the different kind of materials. The “Wonder World of Materials” gallery portrays different fascinating aspects of Material Science namely: fundamentals of material science, polymers and plastics, electronic material, semiconductors and superconducting materials, sensors, world of nanotechnology, structural materials, industrial materials, optics, surface and cold chemistry, explosive materials, functional materials etc. It also showcases how the material science has progressed over the years from ancient era to modern times. It addresses issues like what are natural and manmade materials and how they are classified? Such is the fascinating story of materials that ages also it was discovered that clay could be fired to make pots and this discovery was revolutionary; so was the more recent discovery that clay also contains the substance that runs our computers.

Bal Deergha

Children naturally have a curious mind. They live in a special world of their own. The gallery is specially designed for the very young ones and is therefore aptly named as Meri Anokhi Duniya- meaning “My Wonderful World”. children is therefore called MERI ANOKHI DUNIYA – meaning “My wonderful world”.
Children learn by observing nature around them. The concepts of shapes, sizes, touch, colours, and sounds gradually develop in the growing children. Our sensory organs help them in providing the necessary information of the world. The bright, colourful exhibits of the gallery make the perception of the world an enjoyable process.


Fluids do not mean just liquids. They include anything that flows. Fluids are life-giving, life-sustaining elements of the Universe. Solid matter constitutes just a tiny part of whole world whereas the rest is occupied by fluids. The gallery on “Fluidics” depicts interesting properties of air, water, oils and other fluids that we commonly deal with. Several experiences in our daily life are explained here with the demonstrative three-dimensional exhibits.

Popular Science

The Popular Science Hall of the Centre houses several exhibits which provide not only education but also entertainment. Stand in front of the curved mirrors and see yourself taller or shorter than actual. See how a straight rod passes easily through a curved and twisted hyperbolic path. Get into a Kaleidoscope and count your images. See an infinite tunnel of glowing bulbs in the limited space of the hall. Likewise there are several such exhibits and no one can afford to miss this gallery.

Water: Our Life

The new Gallery on “Water: Our Life” unfolds with a plethora of exhibits that covers various issue related to water like how much water is available on our planet and what percentage of it is portable, what are the various forms of water, how water is related to flourish the human race, water as the important constituents in one’s body. Importance of water in daily life etc. Other issues such as distribution of water all over the world water cycle, effect of water on climate, properties of water efficient ways to conserve water rain-harvesting system, water treatment plant, impact of rivers, hydroelectrical plants are also covered in this gallery. The gallery ends with a computer quiz on water and plays on water conservation, where the visitors can make a vow to conserve water and protect the precious treasure for our future generation.

An Exhibition to rise conservation about the importance of Water, its crisis and consequences because it is essential for all dimension of life.

Being Human

The ‘Being Human’ gallery presents a unique and fascinating view of science of social behaviour. Indeed, human mind is an amazing world of mysteries. Understanding human behaviour is a perfect blend of work of the scientists from the world of biology and social psychology.
The interactive exhibits & dioramas supported with multimedia kiosks & video displays here, provide in depth information on the interesting features of human mind. Explore the interactive exhibits here and watch yourself.

Biotechnological Revolution

The exhibits in this gallery will take you to a journey from human gene to cracking of genetic code and to biotechnological applications and emerging trends. We have been using the beneficial aspects of biotechnology in our everyday life. The curd and honey which we eat, the antibiotics, which we use to treat our ailments, and the cereals, which form our staple, diet are all glaring examples of application of biotechnology.
Participate in the Bio-Quiz with your friends, view the latest happenings and explore the multimedia to understand the wonders of biotechnology.

Underwater Exploration

Water is one among the most basic needs for the evolution and sustenance of life. Earth, with its 2 / 3rd surface covered with water, is a unique planet in the universe so far known, where life originated and flourished. Oceans, rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and water-bodies hold amazing scientific treasures.

The interactive exhibits, large marine and sweet water live aquaria, video displays, multimedia games and scenic recreations in this gallery not only explain the concepts of under water phenomena, but also enlighten us with the vast resources held there in terms of food, minerals, energy, medicine, transport, tourism, sports, trade and so on.

Taramandal Show

Taramandal is a portable mini planetarium with an inflatable dome with simple projection system in which student can have interactive learning experience of elementary astronomy. Twenty five visitors can be accommodated at a time in the taramandal show. During the show you can get acquainted with various stars, constellations, zodiacs and daily astronomical phenomena in the night sky.